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Asset Account: $99,813,086,647      Chingeling Value (USD): $1,090.23      Value of Chingelings (BTC): 0.11929152      Last BTC Price: $9,139.24



Market Status

Coin Price Change High (24Hr) Low (24Hr) Volume
CHL/BTC 0.00380000 BTC 0.00% 0.00000000 BTC 0.00000000 BTC 0.000 BTC
CHL/DUC 30.00 DUC -33.33% 0.00 DUC 0.00 DUC 0.000 DUC

Exchange Features



Connection happens over encrypted SSL. Our data is hosted at a secure data center.

Our system is built to surpass industry standards, employing TX validation system and safe wallet.



We are here for you. No issue is too small for our professional customer service team.

We take pride in answering your queries instantly, and coming to a resolution that you are happy with.



Trade in real time, with updates and order placement notifications in an instant.

We are continuously developing our engine, implementing features to meet user's demands.



User's fees contribute to a giveaway system, winners are drawn to receive free Bitcoin.

We operate a referral system which entitles you to receive a percentage of the fees.